Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the big friendly game

Tomorrow Russia will host Argentina in a friendly game. It is a big deal to get to play Argentina, to see Messi, Tevez, Cambiasso.
Tevez isn't coming.
Oh no. Messi pulled a leg muscle. Umm. He practiced today, they say.
Well, at least Maradona is bringing a mostly first string team though he is annoyed about having to play Russia:

“I don’t like having to play Russia. We must prepare the team for Brazil, but in the middle we’ve got this match that is of no use,” Maradona told Argentine media last month.

And now Gazeta.ru says that Maradona blew off a press conference. And to put a little warped into this perspective, Russia is now ahead of Argentina in the FIFA Rankings.

Could this whole thing end in trashing of Argentina tomorrow? I sure as hell hope so!

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