Monday, August 17, 2009

England's Premiership opening weekend

England's Premiership started up this weekend. Manchester United mustered up a win over Birmingham City. Thank you, Wayne Rooney. In more exciting news, The Spurs managed to cool down Liverpool's ambitions with a 2:1 win at home. The Spurs looked better, and if it weren't were Robbie Keane's bad luck and some fantastic Reina goalkeeping, it might've ended much more poorly for Liverpool.

And finally, in even more exciting news, Everton could not contain Adebayor-less and Kolo Toure-less Arsenal. The Gunners delivered a beating like Everton fans haven't seen at home since the 50s. It was 0:3 at the halftime, and the final score was 1:6. Ouch! Five different players socred for Arsenal. Could it be that Adebayor's departure brought variety into Arsene Wenger's tactical approach in the offense?

Meanwhile Manchester City used both Tevez as a substitute and Adebayor as a starter in their away win against Blackburn Rovers. Adebayor only needed three minutes on the pitch to put one in the net for his new club. On September 12th, Emmanuel Adebayor will get a chance to play against his former teammates in Manchester. But in the spring Manchester City will travel to London, to The Emirates Stadium. The booing of the Togolese striker will be something to witness.


Mike D said...

No, sorry, Spurs' win was more exciting. Everton looked so bad that I think our indoor soccer team could have given them a run.

Not that Arsenal didn't look good -- they're making a lot of people question their pre-season prediction that Arsene's kids were too young and inexperienced to stay in the top 4.

Bob said...

Spurs have a great set of forwards this season. Nice variety: Defoe, Keane, Crouch, and Pavluchenko. Speed, intelligence, and size. He has it all.

Spurs will score a bunch this season provided Modric and the rest of the creative midfielders are doing their job.