Thursday, August 20, 2009

EPL quickie

Manchester United got embarrased by Premiership's newcomer FC Burnley 0:1. After getting beaten by Spurs on Sunday, Liverpool was aggravated enough to deliver a 4:0 beating to Stoke City. Meanwhile, Carlo Ancelotti is settling into his job at Stamford Bridge. It looks like Chelsea is not all mentally there yet, but their 3:1 win against Sunderland brought the needed result. The game will follow, or Ancelotti will follow his predecessors: Avraam Grant, Jose Mourinho, Big Phil, etc. Meanwhile, in contrast to the last year's early season performance, Spurs demolished Hull City 5:1 with Jermaine Defoe earning a hat-trick. The Spurs are now at the top of the league having scored 7 goals in the first two games of this season.

My Spur-peeps are happy peeps.

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