Friday, August 21, 2009

how do you say 'Martin Šktrel?'

I was watching Match of the Day the other night, and couldn't figure out who was that new Liverpool center defender that the commentator kept referring to as Skirtle.

Well it was Martin Škrtel, of course. He has been with Liverpool since early 2008. And I should know better because he came into EPL from Zenit St. Petersburg. But why couldn't I get that? Well, that's because the correct pronunciation of his name sounds nothing like Skirtle.

Hey, British commentators (not like you are reading this). Martin's last name is pronounced: Shkrtɛl. Yes, that first letter in his name, 'Š' is pronounced 'sh' as in 'sheep.' And there are no vowels in his name except for the 'e' which is second to last. It is hard to get all those consonants together, but I am sure you can give it a good ol' try. After all: your job is to talk, so you can put some effort into doing it correctly!

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