Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a major day for maltese football

a bunch of international games took place today. a smattering of WC2010 qualifiers and a whole slew of friendlies.

as far as the WC2010 qualifiers go, all of those who were supposed to win did so. No surprises other than, perhaps:

as far as the friendlies go, a few fun and unpredictable results were recorded:
  • Argentina managed to beat Russia in Moscow 3:2 without exerting themselves too much. Russian national team showed spectacular play, but only during the first 25 minutes of the game. The rest of the game was all Argentina. With Tevez and Messi missing, Lopez, Agüero, and Dátolo were eager to prove their worth to Maradona. And they did.
  • Predictably, Holland showed spectacular game during the first half of their match against England, but the English managed to tie the game at two a piece after falling 0:2 after the first 45 minutes; the Dutch looked great.
  • Malta, to everyone's surprise managed a 2:0 win over Georgia. Wow. The Maltese must be going absolutely nuts today because their U21 team managed an away win against Albania 2:1. It is a major day for Maltese football today.
  • Turkey embarrased Ukraine in Kiev winning 3:0, and scoring all 3 goals in a span of 8 minutes.
  • Australia defeated Ireland in Dublin 3:0
  • Spain almost gave its supporters a heart attack by going down 0:2 against Macedonia thanks to Goran Pandev. It took the Spanish 5 minutes to pull the game back: Torres, Piqué, and Riera scored between 51st and 56th minute.
That's all folks. Go Malta!

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