Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zenit St. Petersburg fires Dick Advocaat.

Whoops... I thought I might've said about that being on the horizon.

Gazprom Zenit St. Petersburg fired Dick Advocaat.
"Thanks, dude, but after signing that Belgian contract you have not been doing your job here, which by the way ain't over yet." You are fired.

Translation: That new coach that we have waiting in the wings might bail on us if he gets to coach a team that is not in any European club competition. And it is looking like you, Dick, aren't leading the team to qualify even for the Europa League next year. That UEFA Cup and UEFA Supercup trophies were nice though. See ya.


Mike D said...

It's too bad, he's a good manager. At least, he was...

And what's up with Zhirkov's knee injury that caused him to miss Chelsea beating Man Utd today? How long is he out for?

Bob said...

Zhirkov is out for an "undetermined" period of time as of now.

Chelsea sent a letter to the Russian Football Union asking that Zhirkov be not called for the national team for this Wednesday's friendly with Argentina.