Saturday, September 19, 2009

trotsky cookies; literally;

Anarchists have officially lost their minds claiming to have made cookies out of Trotsky's ashes last week:

We broke the lock on [Trotsky's] mausoleum and we expropriate the content inside it: a silver large vase that bears the inscription of his name, wrapped in the red scarf that he carried around the neck, containing the ashes of the corpse inside. We replace with care the lock in the monument with a reproduction that was similar in the appearance and escaped into the night.

The vase along with its content then was taken far away to a place where the vase was discarded and the content (a combination of ash and bone) were baked in cookies. These cookies then were sent, along with a letter that explains our actions, to newspapers, to organizations of Trotskyists, and to the groups of anarchist around the world.

Unlikely to be true, but nonetheless... warped.

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