Tuesday, September 1, 2009

uefa benches eduardo for diving;

Eduardo da Silva had thrown away large amounts of positive vibes that were wafting around his return into the big game after recovering from a broken ankle.

in the return leg of the champoin's league qualification game against Celtic Eduardo faked a foul. he dove in the penalty box, and got what he wanted: a penalty. the penalty was converted into the first goal of the match that eventually ended in a 3:1 Arsenal win.

however, the slow motion repeat revealed the blatant dive. now UEFA disciplinary hearing decided to punish eduardo. He was banned from two forthcoming champion's league games against Liege and Olympiakos.

questions arise: why dive? Arsenal won the first leg in Glasgow 2:0, so the return game was more of a formality than anything. it was hard to imagine that Celtic would win 3:1 or better. has eduardo spent the last 10 years in the woods or another planet? does he not know that anything of that sorts gets repeated in slo-mo on TV a lot? How did he imagine not getting caught? Clearly, he was not thinking...

Idiot of the Game Day award goes to Eduardo.

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Mike D said...

Totally got what he deserved. The only possibly bigger idiot is Eboue, who blatantly dove in Arsenal's next game, after all this dust-up with UEFA had already started.

The bigger problem, as Arsene Wenger has said, is that UEFA has put themselves in a position to have to be consistent, and will have multiple cases to review every week. Maybe that's OK -- what else are they busy doing anyway?

Arsenal's going to get quite a reputation if this keeps up.