Thursday, August 6, 2009

the guardian writers are on crack

The Guardian is running a series of blog entries as a preview to the upcoming EPL season. The lack of clarity and insight is staggering. here are a couple of examples:

  • Profiling Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool within the first week of the transfer window. Start profiling with teams that are coming up from Championship, and then move up the ladder. Leave the "Top 4" for the end!
  • Suggesting that Liverpool will take 1st. Are you on crack!? They will take 1st with the loss of Alonso, a shorter than required bench, and with a fairly young defense!? If a couple of leaders get sidelined, they might not even make the Champion's League next year.
  • Zhirkov is a marquee signing for Chelsea they say. Hell yes, but the man will run out of gas by Christmas. He came from Russia where they play Spring-Fall, so he is in the middle of his season -- of course he has impressed everyone during EPL pre-season.
Dumb & Aggravating. Please Guardian if you can't be insightful about soccer stick to the Rules of Peeing the Shower content.

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