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Saturday, January 9, 2010


a few knives and whole lotta etched leather here: the verbiage is humble. pretty amazing though.

that's when I reach for my revolver;

The sign on the front door of my office building. I invite you to make your own caption:

do i talk in my sleep?

if i did it wouldn't be as nearly as amusing as this

Saturday, January 2, 2010




This is from South Korea

They say this is a girl from Novosibirsk (that's in Russia). I say holy s&#%t!

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maradona; in style;

During the press conference following Argentina's qualification into the final stage of WC2010 Aregintine head coach, Diego Maradona, had a few choice words for his critics:

For those who didn't believe, pardon me ladies, you can suck it! Go, give some head! [...] You, Pasman, you have a dick up your ass too!